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the bid O - N - E :)

hyeeee sayang. heheheee. ok ok. i started typing this thing at 10pm 11th september. after our BBBIIIIIGGGGG fight of course. n i dnt knw when will i be finishing, but i hope its  before 13th. so u could read it then :)

do u still remember 13th september 2008? well i sure do. what u wear, what i wear, how bulat u look, how lidi i am. hehe. i love u soo much back then (though u dnt love me YET :P). i remembered love guru; the movie we watch, the GOOOOOODDDDD feeling when u sleep on my chest during the first date. only God can describe how happy i am back then. n i do hope ure feeling the same way too. still remember the 'poem' i wrote for u? i hope u still keep it but if not, doesnt matter. i can repeat it back to u. but not as accurately as before lah kan. heh :P

theeeennnnn come the first few months. our relationship faced its first major downs. i know its hard for u to accept me. with the distance, the john etc. but u knw n i knw that i wont stop fighting for u. i dont care if i have to spend money or time or whatever lah. as long as it will make me win ure heart n make u happy, i will have no problem doing it. n hey presto. God hears my prayers n finally open up ure heart for me. i dnt think u knw how happy i was when i first heard u say 'i love u' to me. i still remember it. after i teman u for the ktm ride, on the couch, in front of the tv, at 650pm. i nearly broke into tears sygggggg. haaaaa. heh.

ok ok. next is when we're head over heels with each other. hehe. mana x head over heels kan, skali dtg subang i terus dtg for 2 weeks. stay jb pun lg skejap than stay subang. hahahaha. i followed u everywhere. n i mean everywhere. heh. u nak register class pun i teman u jumpa kp kan. uhu. haihhhh i miss these times. times when i have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week n i could spend it all on u. no class, no work, no nothing. just u, n ure mengadaness. hehe. but dnt worry syg. u knw when im busy pun, all my free time i'll be available to u kan? :) even if i main sota semangat2, if u call, i will pause it for as long as u want. no problem :) f*ck my dota friends, ure wayyy more important for me. hehe.

moving onnnnnnn. whats next ehh? haaaa. fucking apft. haishhhh. i hate apft. i seriously hate it. i know u will not believe me. but the main reason that i choose piloting is only 2; the first one is i can earn money for me n my family while doing things that i love n the second is U. yes. you. i knw i will make u happy, i can support u, i can spend more time with u if im a pilot. but for the 2 years that im a cadet pilot, im hoping u would bear with me, have faith in me, be patient with me etc. because i really need ure support for these 2 years. i would not want to lose one of the reasons that im here. but i knw that u wont dissapoint me. i knw u love me honestly. ;)

lastly, the current situation. i knw i messed up a lot of times. i make  small mistakes a lot of times until it turns into a huge mistake. but i promise u i wont do it again. not even tertdo. i wont leave u hanging. i wont hang up on u. i wont be mad at u for calling me tiba2. i want u to want me. bcause? i want u too syg. badly. i will fight for u until the end. u can count on that syg / naadira / bulat. ;)

the end.

i miss u baby. n i love u.

ps: i'll edit it later k. bg more pretty :))



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Dec. 18th, 2010 02:00 am (UTC)
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Apr. 14th, 2011 10:51 pm (UTC)
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