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the bid O - N - E :)

hyeeee sayang. heheheee. ok ok. i started typing this thing at 10pm 11th september. after our BBBIIIIIGGGGG fight of course. n i dnt knw when will i be finishing, but i hope its  before 13th. so u could read it then :)

do u still remember 13th september 2008? well i sure do. what u wear, what i wear, how bulat u look, how lidi i am. hehe. i love u soo much back then (though u dnt love me YET :P). i remembered love guru; the movie we watch, the GOOOOOODDDDD feeling when u sleep on my chest during the first date. only God can describe how happy i am back then. n i do hope ure feeling the same way too. still remember the 'poem' i wrote for u? i hope u still keep it but if not, doesnt matter. i can repeat it back to u. but not as accurately as before lah kan. heh :P

theeeennnnn come the first few months. our relationship faced its first major downs. i know its hard for u to accept me. with the distance, the john etc. but u knw n i knw that i wont stop fighting for u. i dont care if i have to spend money or time or whatever lah. as long as it will make me win ure heart n make u happy, i will have no problem doing it. n hey presto. God hears my prayers n finally open up ure heart for me. i dnt think u knw how happy i was when i first heard u say 'i love u' to me. i still remember it. after i teman u for the ktm ride, on the couch, in front of the tv, at 650pm. i nearly broke into tears sygggggg. haaaaa. heh.

ok ok. next is when we're head over heels with each other. hehe. mana x head over heels kan, skali dtg subang i terus dtg for 2 weeks. stay jb pun lg skejap than stay subang. hahahaha. i followed u everywhere. n i mean everywhere. heh. u nak register class pun i teman u jumpa kp kan. uhu. haihhhh i miss these times. times when i have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week n i could spend it all on u. no class, no work, no nothing. just u, n ure mengadaness. hehe. but dnt worry syg. u knw when im busy pun, all my free time i'll be available to u kan? :) even if i main sota semangat2, if u call, i will pause it for as long as u want. no problem :) f*ck my dota friends, ure wayyy more important for me. hehe.

moving onnnnnnn. whats next ehh? haaaa. fucking apft. haishhhh. i hate apft. i seriously hate it. i know u will not believe me. but the main reason that i choose piloting is only 2; the first one is i can earn money for me n my family while doing things that i love n the second is U. yes. you. i knw i will make u happy, i can support u, i can spend more time with u if im a pilot. but for the 2 years that im a cadet pilot, im hoping u would bear with me, have faith in me, be patient with me etc. because i really need ure support for these 2 years. i would not want to lose one of the reasons that im here. but i knw that u wont dissapoint me. i knw u love me honestly. ;)

lastly, the current situation. i knw i messed up a lot of times. i make  small mistakes a lot of times until it turns into a huge mistake. but i promise u i wont do it again. not even tertdo. i wont leave u hanging. i wont hang up on u. i wont be mad at u for calling me tiba2. i want u to want me. bcause? i want u too syg. badly. i will fight for u until the end. u can count on that syg / naadira / bulat. ;)

the end.

i miss u baby. n i love u.

ps: i'll edit it later k. bg more pretty :))


hadiah orang mandi =)

attention : i love my gf soo much. oh and and and i miss her too =(

Ps : john, fuck you.


heh. omg its been sooooo long since i last updated.
actually my malas-ness is still here.
but since its someone's bday a few days ago, i feel obliged to update to wish her.
hheehee. sooooo nah klong / gf's sister.
hope u like it.

thats u shouting ure age, that car is supposed to look like a myvi (hehe), the england flag, and the guy lying down is *cough*man*cough* after being tought a lesson by superman aka ure prince charming. heheee. :)

okayyy moving onnnn.
im going in for my flight training in exactly 2 weeks time.
n surprisingly, im not excited at all.
i havent done any shopping for stuffs to bring there, havent finished studying things that they want me to study first etc.
they said that im gonna be having my first test a week after registration. pfffttt.
ahh biarlah.
later2 ill do all that.
now i just want to enjoy my freedom while it lasts. hehe.
lucky the training is for less than 2 years if evrything goes to plan.
then i'll be earning my own money n no need to 'beg' for money frm parents anymore.
best best.

ok lahhh.
ill update more later. n more frequently of course.
till thennn.

i l o v e y o u n a a d i r a y a n g h o t : )

ETA : Less than 2 effing month!!!

hello everybodyyyy!!!
im back!
well not BACK back. but back. haduhhhhh u get what i mean. uhuu.
its been a while since i last updated.
ada je halangan.
malas laaa, xd masa laaa, apa laaa. heh.
but not to worry.
i'll write whatever i remember. hahaha.
ok ok here goes. . . .

i watched the melbourne F1 gp yesterday.
and it way (how should i put it) . . . . . hormone stimulating? yeah that could describe it.
menambahkan fuel in my urge to watch the sepang GP. hahahaa.
the race was full of overtaking, crashes, 'dramas'.
kudos the the FIA for the changes that they made. especially the KERS.
its like adding NOS into an F1 car lahhh. gila babi styleeeeee. heh.
ok ok i sound soo boring talking about F1.

next up is girlfriend. heh.
had a few ups and downs these past few weeks.
biasalahh tuuu. but we're okay now. hehee.
she's in class right now. exams in a few weeks lagi.
n when she finishes her exams, i'll be going for my studies pulakk.
talk about 'perfect' timing right.
but nvm. i hope we can get through it together. ehhh salah salah. we CAN get through it together. hhee.
ohhhh im buying a new phone. a white e71. girlfriend punya pasal lahhh niii :P.
i actually want to keep my phone and buy an ipod touch.
but she 'brainwashed' me to buy an e71. for me, apa2 yang boleh on9 pun okayyyyy.

ok next is studies.
i'll be going for my pilot training in a little more than a month.
im both excited and 'sad'. and for good reasons for that matter.
im excited as i love flying ever since i can remember.
i hate leaving my fate in other people's hands.
so when im a pilot, i control my own destiny. to die or not to die, its my choice. hahhahaa :P
im sad because i have to leave virtually everything for 18months.
stupid government for not building a flying academy in KL.
booooooo the government. heh.

butttttt. before i go, im gonna make sure i enjoy my freedom while i have it. hehee.
ive been playing football almost everyday, im getting 'extra' good at it. setakat player kl, boleh pegi mampos laa kau. hahahha :P
im planning to go to subang again. heh.
ive been watching whose line is it anyway almost everydayyyyyy. haha.
and tah apa lagi tah. uhuh.
so basically life now is a breeze. :)

ok dah lahhh. gtg.
need to mandi bfre gf text me jap lagi. hehe.
till next time.

ps  :  oohhhh gf! read my 'hidden' msg. hehee.

pss : im soo malas nak bold, italic, lined, scrap etc my writings. nanti2 je lahhh. hehe.


Ruang Saya

hahahaa 'shutup u stupid fag'.
thats all i can say to the girl that thinks she's too cool for me.
i mean, i 'tegur' her for posting lots and lots on bulletins in myspace by saying "jangan buat semak buletin boleh x?"
then she, being the cool girl that she is, reply by saying that i just menyibuk sahaja.
kidssssss. heh.
waittt. theres more to this.
the she pm me saying :

hbis tu ko igt ms ni bapak ko yg punye??
sesuka hati nk marah org
biase r org post buletin
kwn ko tu sikit sbb tu nmpk name aku je
lgpon bukan aku tuju sumer tu utk ko
klu ko x puas ati ko post r jugak buletin byk mne yg ko nak

hahahaa. gilaxbolehbelah okayyyy.
im not like u laaa, buat myspace just to add  1 million ppl and then say 'thnx for the approve. plsspam my pics k'.
pffttt.im soo getting myself a facebook account.
myspace is like. . . . . . . .lameeeeee.

ok nextt!!
gf just finished her physio.
the first thing that she ask me is "syg, guess whats my weight now?"
im like "45?"
then she says that im just 'menganjing' her and dont want to tell her real weight to me.
pulakkkk dah.
girls are always like this. bila orang ckp dia gemuk, marah. bila orang ckp dia kurus, dia ckp orang manganjing dia'
hahahahaa. im sooo in love with my girlfriend. =)
cepat lah on9 sayanggg!! penat nih nak type2 msg.

ok ok .
next up : studies!
had a talk with parent yesterday about the fees for my training.
at first i wanted the june intake because i wanted to be in the same batch as the cadets from MAS.
but my parents wanted me to take the earlier than june intake
reason? intake june and upwards costs rm240k. intakes before june are cheaper. rm225k that is.
whats the difference between rm240k and rm225k laaaa.
rm15k je koootttttt. as according to my principle, 'alang2 dah bayar rm225k tu, xd bezenya pun if kena bayar rm240k'.
kan kan people? somebody please say it to my parents. hahaa.
haihh doesnt matter lahhhh.
im just eager to start studying again. eat sleep eat sleep eat sleep can be a bit too repetitive sometimes. uhuuu.

hmmm apa lagiii ehh.
ooohhhh im brokeee.
my allowance yang mmg dah nyawa2ikan had to be used to pay for mum's car that i crashed a few weeks ago.
rm150. ohh did i mention that i pay rm300 to the chinese dude that i crashed into? pffttt.
'toyota corolla maaaaa. ini bumper sudah cabut maaa. tiga latut, tiga latut.' - the chinese guy said to me that day.
hahahaa. i hate u chinese. no i did not hate ALL chinese. i just hate him. lol.
a few days ago went to mcd with a few friends. they were making fun of me after i told my 'i-crash-into-a-gold-digging-chinese-old-cunt' to them.
they had to pick me up and send me back of course bcause my car had to be sent to the workshop.
right after sending me back, my friend crashed into somebody pulakkk.
hahahaa padan muka, padan muka. her sisters car (chevrolet) crashed into a gen2.
that gen2 ask rm550 for repairs. gilafaisallllll!!!!!!!!
karma really do exist. hehee.

ok done.
skype-ing with gf now.
need to concentrate bf somebody gets cranky and somebody is mad at somebody.

till next time.

ps : sayang, never disturb a man when he's playing with his toys. hahaha =P.

i lovey lovey youuuuuu!!!


ni hao maaaaaaa.
omg i just realized that that is the only thing that i remember from my 2semesters learning mandarin. pfffttt.
nvm. its not like im gonna be using any mandarin while 'driving' an aeroplane.
hahahaa. gila berlagak kannn.

ok ok im gonna stop babbling and start updating.
as said before, i went to kelantan last week.
n its tiring to say the least.
but i got to say that the 'kacang' mas gave to its passenger during domestic flights are reallllyyyyy gooodddd. hahaahaa.
n the flight attendents of air asia? unnecessarily sexy laaa.
seriously. their short and tight skirts are xbolehbelah to say the least. uhuu.
oh yeah. i went to the briefing-cum-interview there.
n do u know what the principle ask me?
"i heard that the sultanah of johor got married again to someone else. what do you know about that?"
yup. no 'introduce yourself please'. no 'what can u tell me about yourself'.
he ask me about the johor royalty.
im like 'how the fuck would i know anything about it? they never publicly tell anything about it in the papers'
but i just said "all i know is that theyre separated, sir". hah.
then baru they ask me to introduce myself. gila punya principle. uhuu.

ok so thats done.
n i probably going in on the 18th may this year.
i mean, i know wanting to be a pilot requires a lot of sacrifices. but i didnt know that the sacrifice includes missing my gf's birthday.
bodoh gilaaaa en.
dah lahh the school doesnt give any breaks.
if cuti pun, paling lama 1 week. itu pun sbb raya puasa. pehhhhhh.
what am i getting myself into, even i dont know.
luckilyyy, i have a very understanding gf. or at least she's willing to try to be understanding.
u dont know how much i love u, naadira. seriously, u dont know. =)
i hope i dnt have to find a flight attendent to be my gf by the time i finish studying.
an 'actuarial scientist' (or whatever it is that she's gonna be working as) fits me just nice.

ok next.
relationship with the gf had its ups and downs these past few days.
but i think it has been gradually going up since 'that incident'.
ppl say that we usually have to lost something before we realize that we have it.
well for my case, NEARLY losing something is enough of a lesson.

me and gf have been having problem with our respectives mums lately.
its like 'ure im a hurry bcause the mum makes u think that she's in a hurry. but when u see the mum, she's like relax, walking slowly etc'
i thought that im the only one who has this 'problem'.
sekali gf text me complaining of her mummy.
so i guess its confirmed that 'kaum2 ibu' ni lives in a different world where their worlds are moving at a verrryyy slow, leisurely pace. agreed? hahaa.

ooohh lupa.
theres this one gatal, xsedar diri guy who was flirting with gf during her modul.
at first he asks for gf's phone num. and when gf xnk kasik, he gave his phone num to gf, telling her to m.call him.
me, being the i-love-my-gf-soo-much-nobody-better-makes-her-uncomfortable type, told gf to give the num to me n i'll text him. yeahhh. hahahaa.
mula2 text dah menyakitkan hati. but after a few messages (read : A FEW) that gatal admits that she misses my gf and thinks that my gf is cute and blablabla.
'gilatakbolehbelah and carikgadyhgilafaisal lelaki ni' i thought to myself. hahaa.
but wait. there's more. when 'i' said that 'i' already have a bf, u want to know what gatal told me?
'alahhh. biarlah. dia bukan tatau.' yeah. mcm sial. i know, i know.
but he's not gonna stop there. this phrase takes the cake 'sudikah awak terima sy sebagai bf awak'.
i dont know wether to laugh or to datang uitm and punch his balls or whatever.
so i told him that he's actually texting the bf that he's been asking to lie, cheat and everything else.
n bila dah malu n takut, he gave me this menyakitkanhati excuse 'rilek ah. aku main2 je'.
main2 my bloody ass.
what if gf said yes tadi? you wouldnt be main2 then, would u?
haaaaa. ure lucky gatal. ure lucky im in jb. ure very very VERY lucky.
i mean, nak kawan2 biasa boleh laaaa. ini sampai gf in uncomfortable with u. u better not say another word to her if u see her anytime anywhere. i'll frickin 'do something' to you. uhuuu.

ok dahh.
the kesimpulan, im going for flying training in a few months, im soooo in love with naadira, mums can be soooo irritating at times, and there's no place for gatal2miang2xsedar diri punya orang in front of my face. buat sakit mata je. hahahaa.

ps : eh have i say i love u to my gf? hmmmmm nvm.

I Love You, Girlfriend.

girlfriend = naadira



ive thought of updating these past few days.
but ada je perasaan malasss ni.
n now im even more lazy.
but what the heck. ok ok.
im going to kelantan this thursday.
my flight to klia is on wednesday (i think).
abah's accompanying me sampai klia.
then he's off to some meeting so i have to go to kelantan all on my own.
for the trip back, im meeting abah at klia then our flight back is at 9pm the 19th.
so thats it for the kelantan thingy.

next. i watched raja lawak a few days ago.
usually that show is full of crap and just a waste of time.
but one group of performer really got me laughing my ass of.
to be more detail, one lawak.
its something like this:

A : sorry ahh lambat. masa aku otw nak g jumpa korg tadi, tengah2 jalan hujan lebat laa pulak.
B : laaa kau ni pun satu. dah tau tengah2 jalan tu hujan, jalan laa tepi jalan. mesti xhujan.

i dont know about u guys, but that joke suddenly got me cracking up.
plus the way he said it, pricelessssss.

ehh ok dah dah.
this is meant to be a short, quick update.
will type a long one when my malas-ness is gone.

till next time.
i love u naadira


La-la-la-laugh everybody =)

haihhh im sooo bored.
found a few pics on the net that makes me laugh my ass off.
sumpah kelakar gila faisal okayyyy.
sarcasm, lets gooo!

"hellooo. can i speak to the wall please?"
yess jews, u guys are bloody morons.

errr how carefull do u want me to be, eh?

okay bloody hell. guys, please dont tell me this isnt funny eh? hahahahaa.

stylooo gilaaaa! haha.

im kinda lost during step 3. whatthehell should i do during the garis putusputus? hhaha.

i think he's just fineeee. hehee.

someone tell her that a blown tyre is not the reason her car wont start, pleaseeeeeeeeeee. haihhh woman. hahahhaa.

let me get this straight; if i want to throw away my out-of-wedlock child, i have to find and give the 'thing' away to a fireman who's married to a nurse instead of throwing it away in a dumpster?
okayyy thats tough. hahahaa.

lol laa weyyy. hahahaa.

nothing funny about this. i just love cool-looking buildings. hehee.

okayyy last but not least. . . . . . . .

paula (the girl on the left) is sooooooo gilababi hotttttttttt + cute. this is why i love watching tha amazing race. besides because of the actions and suspense, of course. heheee.

ps : i love u naadira. hari2 kita gayut lama2 okayy. bill telefon sampai padan muka kita. hahahaa.


let's eat potato, people!

hellooooo everybody.

okayy the awkward intro aside, im in jb already. haihhhh.
2weeks in subang is not bloody enuff laaa.
n to make matters worse, bila balik jb bukan buat apa2. makan tdo makan tdo makan tdo blablabla.
its not as if ad kerja ke, ap ke in jb.
might as well use the rm250k that im gonna use for my studies to buy a house in subang n live there.
sounds more bagus.
haaa but then again, my parents would kill me n bury me in some desert so that nobody would know where they hide my body.

ok ok back to the serious stuff.
im going to kelantan on the 19th for a 'briefing session' and interview.
mula2 all is well.
sekali tiba2 abah says 'is pergi sendiri je laa. org apft tu cakap ad hotel dkt situ n parents xpayah pergi pun xp'.
im like 'aik gila ke hapaaaa nak naik flight sorg2? duduk hotel sorg? dekat kelantan pulak tuh!!'
nak ajak bulat, mesti dah out of question. hehee.
jadi terpaksa lah pergi sendiri. kalau tak dapat jadi pilot jugak, im gonna bomb apft. hahahaa.
so kelantan trip is 2 weeks away.
what am i gonna do in the next 2 weeks ehhhh?
hmmmm think think think.
*lightbulb* ahahhhhh. kacau bulat for 24hours until she is tired of me.
hahahaa no lahh.
somebody, anybody. give me ideassss on what to dooo.
gila boring nihhhh.

ok next.
i went back home pun sbb gf kena pergi pangkor for her paklong's birthday.
but she's back home now.
n tgh sedap2 chat, boleh budak bertuah tu tertido sbb sdp sgt kena urut dengan ibu.
sumpah comel gilaaaa. hahhaa.
n me being a goooood bf that i am, decided not to kacau her much needed rest n write this journal.
nnt bangun2 komfem 'syggg. . . '.
haihhh. selamat i syg youuu.

oohhh lupe nak ckp for my trip to subang these past few weeks.
i met a lot of people. and i mean A LOT.
jais n his friends, girlfriend's friends. even Tok Burn. hahaaa.
he's so awesome, he speaks english. hehee. n he's always full of stories, u cant believe that he's 80++.
and no. this is not saje2-puji-nak-amik-hati ehhh. hehee.
i also met jais and his friends, which includes man who is his brother a.k.a my girlfriend's sister's bf. hahahaa.
theyre 'loud', n fun people to be with.
i would loooovvvveee to see jais being paired with one of my girlfriends friends. you-know-who laa kan syg. hehee.
andddd. i discovered something about myself when im at subang. which is i love to gossip.
getting to know abt other peoples relationship is fuuunnn.
lagi2 when the 'other people' is someone i knew.
for instance, i discovered that a guy that i thought was lying to me and my gf turns out to be not lying after all.
gilababi drama melayu kannnnnnnn? hahahaa.
and and and a fren punya bf suddenly started to get all 'bulupanjang' tiba2.
craaaazzzyyyyy laaa budak2 kecik sekarang ni. uhuu.
tgk me and gf. steadyyy je kan syg. even gado2 pun. heheee.

ok dah dah.
i want to go play football.
n since im gonna update more frequently now, no need to write panjang2 laaa.

till next time!

oh lupaaa pulak. the topic doesnt have anything to do with this entry.
i just saw my sister read her form2 english literature book 'potato people' just now. hehee.

ps: i love you bulat comel sayang!


thought so that ure gonna say the things that u said.
thought soo.
im starting to feel useless when all my ideas are getting shot down like a bird.
i gave my opinions about almost everything. but in the end, ure decision is gonna be the exact opposite.
now lagi lahh teruk. dengan my headache and almost certain flu.
buat lagi benda tu. reject lagi my 'opinions'.
i said i want to go read some books, u insist on men-campak me in a cc. a frickin cc. a noisy gilaxleyblah cc.
next time if u already have ure mind set on something, never, n i repeat NEVER, ask someone else's opinion.
sbb in the end, ure going to be right jugak kan?
if not, gaduhhhhh.
mesti nak kena agreee. agree agree agree.
u said dulu i always nak menang je kan. see who's talking now?
hah menang lah now kalau nak menang sgt.
wait for that 'one day' yang u akan realise that u dnt want to go through all this crap anymore.
sbb i know for me, i dnt thnk that 'one day' is gonna come.
even if it comes pun, i ll just wait for the 'one day' to pass by harmlessly.
but wth. dats just me. like u said, kita kan different.